Planning & Zoning

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For Planning & Zoning
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  1. Fee Information

    View land use fees, the agree to pay form, road impact fee and fees related to affordable housing.

  2. Historic Preservation

    Read the historic preservation guidelines and the Redstone HPC design guidelines.

  3. Land Use

    View Land Use Code, Land Use Application Manual, Land Use Determinations, Current Land Use Applications, Special Events Online Application, forms and notices for the county.

  4. Land Use Engineering

    View resources for Access Driveway Permits, Construction Management Plan, Drainage and Erosion Control, Earthmoving Permits, Flood Plain Development Permits, Smuggler Superfund Site, Springs and Ponds, State Stormwater Management, Wetlands/Reparian & Section 404 Permits

  5. Land Use Review Board

    View information regarding Board of Adjustment, Board of County Commissioners, Hearing Officer, Planning & Zoning Commission

  6. Long-Range Planning

    View Land Use Master Plan Updates, Castle Creek Collaborative Working Group, Pitkin County Demographics, Land Conservation,Regional Planning Efforts, Strategic Plan

  7. Adopted Master Plans

    View a list of Adopted Master Plans,and Caucus Information

  8. Transferable Development Rights

    TDR Program Summary, TDR Handout, TDR Status/Annual Update to BOCC, TDR Certificate List

  9. Landscaping, Revegetation, Tree Removal

    View information for Landscaping, Revegetation, Tree Removal

  10. Board of Adjustment

  11. Planning & Zoning Meeting Agendas

    Agendas for Planning & Zoning Commission, Hearing Officer, Board of Adjustment, and Agricultural