Reception & Antennas

Good Reception
Our "translators" are low power repeaters that relay TV signals into local areas. Coverage depends on line of sight which is good for up to 10 miles or so and your antenna has to be pointed at the translator site. Look at our map to see which translator site is closest to you. The system works best if you have a clear view of the towers. TV signals don't go through mountains.  
  1. Indoor Antennas
  2. Outdoor Antennas
  3. Translator Site Map
Indoor Antennas
If you don't have good line of sight you’ll need an outdoor antenna. It needs to be pointed at the broadcast site. Viewers report that rabbit-ears don’t work as well as a indoor antenna – they’re best for channels in a lower band and analog broadcast

If you want to try an indoor antenna, and you’re getting service from Sunlight, Elephant, Crown, or Williams Hill, consider a Philips SDV2780, which is made especially for channels in the upper band. It is available online from and many other vendors. You’ll need to be close to the site and have a clear view of the towers to get an indoor antenna to work with efficiently. 

Digital Antenna
Don’t worry about getting a special “digital” antenna; there is no such thing as a digital television antenna. If you have an antenna that works well now, and receives a good signal on channels 7-13 and 14-50, then it will receive digital signals with no problem. You may not have to change your antenna at all.

Amplified Antenna

Do not buy an amplified antenna, especially one that sits on top of the TV. They rarely work well.

Online Stores
We're not recommending any particular antenna or store, but this is a guide to antennas that should work. Antennas that are very similar in construction to these would also work. Radio Shack, Winegard, and Channelmaster all have online stores. You may be able to get a better price through a dealer. 

Rugged Antenna

A few dollars extra will buy you a more rugged antenna. Colorado weather is harsh and might be worth your money to buy a more rugged antenna that will last and not have to be replaced after a couple of years.