Water Resources

Roaring Fork River Watershed
Pitkin County is actively involved in the development of the Roaring Fork River Watershed Plan. For more information on this planning effort, please visit roaringfork.org.
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Water Resources Information

  1. Drainage & Erosion Control

    Maintenance of the high water quality we enjoy in Pitkin County is the reason we require responsible construction practices and wise management of stormwater runoff from disturbed areas.

  2. Endangered Species

    Our riparian areas are threatened by numerous plant species that are not native to the Rocky Mountains.

  3. Springs & Ponds

    Springs and seeps are areas where water emerges from the ground to form a stream, creek, or wetland.

  4. State Stormwater Management

    The Colorado Water Quality Control Division's Permits Unit regulates the discharge of pollutants into the state's surface and ground waters.

  5. Transmountain Diversions

    Pitkin County depends greatly on the natural beauty and recreational opportunities that our mountain community offers.

  6. Water FAQs

    View answers to frequently asked questions about water and water resources.

  7. Water Quantity & Quality

    The amount of rain and snow we receive, snow and ice removal from our roadways, transmountain diversions to the Eastern Slope, and runoff from paved areas and irrigation all raise questions concerning water quality and water quantity in Pitkin County.

  8. Water Savings

    There are many things that we can do on a daily basis to conserve water, leaving more in our streams and rivers for recreation, wildlife and the overall health of our environment.

  9. Water Use Statistics

    By installing more efficient water fixtures and regularly checking for leaks, households can reduce daily per capita water use by about 35% to about 45.2 gallons per day.

  10. Wells

    A large number of residences in Pitkin County receive water from private wells.

  11. Wetlands & Riparian Areas

    Many properties within Pitkin County contain wetlands, especially those along streams, rivers, lakes and ponds.

Hydrologic Systems Analysis Studies