Departments K - Z

  1. Land Management

    The Land Management Department works to ensure Pitkin County's compliance with the Colorado Noxious Weed Act by implementing the Pitkin County Weed Management Plan and providing outreach services to county landowners.

  2. Landfill

    We at the Pitkin County Solid Waste Center seek to conserve our environment and extend the life of our landfill by reducing source generation through public education, appropriately reusing materials through aggregate and compost diversion and sales, and recycling and reusing valuable commodities with state of the art collection programs.

  3. Library

    The mission of the Pitkin County Library is to serve the community and to encourage education by providing public access to an evolving collection of information and by serving as a repository of local resources.

  4. Motor Vehicle Resources

    Find helpful topics associated with motor vehicles such as registration, license plate, temporary permits, and more.

  5. Open Space & Trails

    Find a list of projects we are working on for 2014 and 2015 and the project pictures and details.

  6. Public Works

    Public Works Administration provides overall leadership, management, coordination and supervision to departments within the section.

  7. Purchasing / Procurement

    If you would like to do business with Pitkin County please register on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

  8. Recycling

    Pitkin County Landfill website has all the information you will need to know about recycling, composting, landfill guidelines, education, and more.

  9. Senior Services

    Pitkin County Senior Services offers a variety of activities and services for residents and guests of our community age 60 and over.

  10. Sheriff

    Learn about our new text-to-911 services and news from the Sheriff's Office.

  11. Treasurer / Public Trustee

    Find the responsibilities of the County Treasurer and a list of dates for residents to remember.

  12. TV / FM Translator Services

    TV / FM Translator Services has 8 mountain top translators that allows residents in the area to receive basic television at no charge.

  13. Use Tax

    Construction Use Tax is a tax on building materials that was purchased outside of Pitkin County and was used within the county when no county sales tax was collected on the purchase.