About Pitkin County

  1. Board of County Commissioners

    The board provides necessary public service as required or authorized by Colorado State statutes, and establishes, evaluates, and revises County Codes, policies, and service programs to achieve operational efficiency in the use of limited public resources.

  2. Citizen Boards

    There are numerous citizen boards that community members can be involved in and help make a difference in the community.

  3. County Code

    Access the County Code by title and chapter.

  4. County Quick Facts

    View facts about Pitkin County from the United States Census Bureau.

  5. Master Plans

    Access the master plans for Pitkin County and its communities.

  6. Photo Gallery

    Access a collection of photos of various Pitkin County workers, citizens, and more

  7. Pitkin County At a Glance

  8. Strategic Plan

    Read through the community vision, organization mission, organizational values, and more by viewing the Pitkin County Strategic Plan.

  9. Staff Directory

    Browse the county staff directory to find the right person to contact.