Buttermilk Parking

The Facts About Seasonal Parking at the Base of Buttermilk

May 1, 2018 - November 30

Approximately 350 parking places available 4/15 - 11/15 for:

  • Commuter parking, free busses to Aspen and Snowmass Village and free parking
  • Medium Term Parking - $6/day up to 4 days (96 hours)
  • Commercial and Oversized storage and staging. Fees vary from $40/day to $3,500/summer
  • Special Event Parking

Short and Long Term Parking Available at Base of Buttermilk this Spring, Summer and Fall

With parking at a premium in the Aspen area, Pitkin County and the City of Aspen are joining forces to offer a selection of long and short term parking options to construction companies and the general public. 

From May 1st to November 30th, 347 parking spaces will become available to stage over-sized construction vehicles and for day use parking.  There will be free transportation to and from the lot into Aspen.

For a fee of $6 (per day), vehicles can park overnight at Buttermilk for as long as 4 days at a time. Over-sized construction vehicles can be staged Buttermilk for a day, week, or month until ski season begins. Fees vary from $40 a day up to $3,500 for for the entire summer season. If there is space available, a portion of the parking lot can also be leased for special events.

“Over the years the Buttermilk parking lot has become a dumping ground for large vehicles in various stages abandonment and disrepair. It has also become a makeshift campground for people in RVs in some cases” said Pitkin County Public Works Director, Brian Pettet. “We paved the entire lot, cleaned it up, and are now more carefully monitoring its use”.

Day parking is free for people who are traveling to Aspen for work or planning to use the Buttermilk/Sky Mountain Park trails. Do not leave your vehicle overnight in the day use areas or you will receive a parking ticket and/or will be towed.

“There are plenty of free parking places at Buttermilk for transit users or folks accessing Sky Mountain Park for a mountain bike ride,” Pettet said.  

Pitkin County has contracted the City of Aspen’s Parking Department to monitor and enforce parking at Buttermilk. For more information please call (970) 429-1761.