Deer Creek Open Space

Deer Creek
Total acreage: 37.97
Year of acquisition: 2015
Purchaser: Pitkin County Open Space and Trails
Key features: Access to national forest via Arbaney Gulch (closed to the public), access to Roaring Fork River for non-commercial angling, agriculture (horse pasture), residence leased to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for locally based CPW wildlife officer plus second, uninhabited residential unit. Access through the property to Arbaney Gulch is closed to the public year-round for the projection of wildlife and wildlife habitat. The management plan adopted in 2022 sets forth a vision for the property that embraces its potential for agricultural use, acknowledges its role in the provision of housing, and recognizes its importance in the greater context of wildlife conservation.
Address: 2553 Lower River Road
Nearest town: Old Snowmass

Deer Creek Open Space Management Plan (2022)
Deer Creek Open Space Interim Management Plan (2015)