Moore Open Space

A groomed Nordic trail crosses snow-covered Moore Open Space
Total acreage: 65
Year of acquisition: 1992
Purchaser: Pitkin County
Key features: Sage-dominated shrubland providing habitat and scenic value, including view of Pyramid Peak, at entrance to Aspen. Moore Trail singletrack crosses property between Maroon Creek Road near the roundabout and Aspen Recreation Center property, with connection to Tiehack Bridge bike/pedestrian crossing (linking recreation center and Buttermilk). Also features winter nordic loop with connection to Aspen Golf Course nordic trails via Hwy. 82 underpass. Dogs must be leashed and kept on designated trails (no dogs on nordic loop).
Nearest town: Aspen

Moore Open Space Management Plan (2019)
Moore Open Space Wildlife Baseline Surveys (2019)
Moore Open Space Baseline Vegetation Report (2019)
Moore Open Space Management Plan (2001)