Drug Disposal

Pills on ShelfProperly disposing of old, unused, expired, or unwanted medications protects people and the environment. Prevent drug misuse and contamination of drinking water by using local take back boxes. Protect others by properly disposing of needles and sharps. 

Medication Take-back- Discard unused, expired or unwanted medications at a drop-off box located in the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office, open 8-5am Monday-Friday, closed on holidays. See map for additional locations.

Marijuana Amnesty Box- Discard unwanted marijuana at amnesty boxes located at the Aspen-Pitkin Co. Airport located outside of the TSA secured area.

Disposing NeedleNeedles and Sharps Disposal- Needles and sharps require proper disposal in order to protect children, pets and waste management workers. Read more about how to properly dispose of sharps here.