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Using e-cigarettes, or "vaping" or "Juuling", has become highly prevalent in Pitkin County and the whole region. In fact, this valley has some of the highest rates of youth vaping in the United States. 

You will find information and resources here about vaping and other nicotine use among youth. The main message: All nicotine use by young people is dangerous for their developing brains. 

Want some quick info on vaping? Check out this blog post, "Why is everyone talking about vaping?" written by local experts specifically for parents & adults who work with youth. It also has lots of resources.

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General Information

News & Upcoming Events Educational, policy, and others

Many Cases of Illness Across the Country Linked to Vaping

There has been a recent rash of illnesses and a handful of deaths among otherwise healthy people. Please see this update from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which will be updated regularly with new information. 

For more upcoming events, check the Aspen Strong Community Calendar.  

Hot Topics

Nicotine and Young Brains

Why all the hype about kids vaping? One of the main reasons is that nicotine has critical impacts on the developing brain, and our brains are still developing until we are 25. Find out more about the young brain and nicotine here, and more about how young brains are vulnerable to nicotine addiction 7 out of 10 Middle and High School Students Who Currently Use Tobacco have used a FLAVORED Product Opens in new windowhere. 

Flavor Ban

Towns in the Roaring Fork Valley have led the way by banning the sale of all flavored tobacco products. Find out more about why public health thinks it is really important to support a comprehensive flavor ban of all tobacco products rather than just vaping here.

What is Zyn? 

Zyn is a flavored nicotine powder that is discretely placed in the mouth. It could be the next thing that grabs kids' attention, and it has all of the risks and dangers of vaping. It is already available locally. 

Public Health Initiatives

SOLVE:Vaping - Regional, Cross-Sector Effort to Address Youth Vaping

Youth Vaping is everyonsolve meetinge’s concern and it will take the whole region coming together to solve it. Public Health hosted a cross sector, regional meeting on March 4th, 2019, bringing together representatives from agencies from Parachute to Aspen to discuss opportunities & best practices to address youth vaping. Find out more in the SOLVE:Vaping Summary Report.

FREE RESOURCE: Trusted Adult Training

Public health can provide a free 1-2 hour training for adults to learn about e-cigarettes AND learn the skills to become trusted adults to support youth. This is great for school staff & teachers, athletic coaches, and parent groups. 

Local Policy Efforts - T21, Retail Licensing, Price, Flavor Ban, and more

In 2018, Aspen raised the age to buy tobacco products to 21, required a license to sell tobacco including e-cigarettes, and raised the price. This region has had the most activity around tobacco policy to protect youth, specifically focusing on enacting evidence-based policies. Public Health can support you to discuss policy solutions. Check out the resources in General Info & Resources below or reach out to Public Health.

For more information or support with any of these initiatives, contact Risa Turetsky 970-618-1781 for more information & to schedule. 

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What is Vaping?

See the information from the CDC in English and Spanish. And watch this short video to learn more.  

Interested in Shaping Policy

Click here for a few key resources and contact public health for additional support (see contact information below). 

School Policy and Resources

Click here for a few key resources and contact public health for additional support (see contact information below).

Health Care Information and Resources

Click here for a few key resources for health and behavioral health care providers. Also, contact public health (see contact information below) to set up a CME presentation for health care providers on the current status of vaping.

Vaping & Nicotine Newsletters

Public Health sends out compilations of resources. To find past editions of the newsletter, please click here.

For Parents & Adults Who Work with Youth 

Please see the Aspen Strong Blog Post written about vaping that has links to excellent resources. Also click here for additional materials. 

There’s a text line for parents & adults who want to stay up on the facts and help kids stop vaping. Text QUIT to (202) 899-7550 or check out the website for more information.  

More information and a video under "General Information", above. And contact Public Health (contact information below) to set up an information session or trusted adult training. 

Find out what other CO kids are doing: see their videos and find out why they are taking action at the TobaccoFree303 Campaign.

Additional Resources:

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