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Pitkin, Eagle, and Garfield counties' regional tobacco program acts as a resource for local community members and organizations. Information is available on this page and throughout the site. 

On this page you can find:

  • Resources Just for You: a breakdown of some of the different resources for your needs. 
  • Programs & Policy for Tobacco Control: general resources for programs, organizations, policy makers and other agencies including how to order materials like brochures, posters and pins.

Resources Just for You

Are You a Young Person?

We have you covered. Click over to the Youth & Nicotine page here.

Are You Pregnant or Breastfeeding?  

Learn more about the Baby & Me Tobacco Free program and ask your primary care provider to refer you to the telehealth Baby & Me cessation program. Get more information about tobacco/nicotine and pregnancy or breastfeeding at SmokefreeWomen  - You can even sign up for texts just for you on their site or live chat with a support professional.

Are You a Veteran or Is Your Loved One A Veteran?  

There are so many resources just for you! 

Do You Want Help Quitting?  

Head over to our Get Help Quitting page.

Just Want to Learn More?  

There's a lot of information on different nicotine-containing products and other resources at TobaccoFreeCO.

For Pitkin County Employees - information about your benefits is available on the Pitkin County IntraNet (PCIN). Email your Wellness Specialist or go to the Wellness Website on the PCIN for more information.

Programs & Policy for Tobacco Prevention & Control

General Resources

Resources on tobacco/nicotine including prevention, policy and cessation resources at TobaccoFreeCO.

Additional Resources on Tobacco and Vaping for Programs and Policy Makers

Want to order 500 quitline brochures for your practice? Need help setting up for a health fair? Want handouts and a presentation for an upcoming meeting?  Contact Raleigh Bacharach for fact sheets, handouts, presentations and more information. See contact information below.


Contact Raleigh Bacharach, Health Promotion Program Administrator & Tobacco Specialist for Pitkin County Public Health at or 970.379.5703.