Bond Information / Pay a Bond

The Pitkin County Jail offers the ability to pay bonds online via credit card.  Due to House Bill 21-1280 we now must post these on our site, below is where you are able to pay a detainee's bond. Click this link to see the Legal Rights Related to Posting Money Bond Pursuant to Section 16-4-102, Colorado Revised Statutes, as well as Pitkin County's Certificate of Compliance.

To file a complaint you can obtain a form on paper from the Jail Front Lobby window, or submit this form online to let us know about the complaint.

In order to pay for someone's bond online you must provide the First Name, Last Name, and Name Number on the processing of the bond to accurately have it reflected on the account.  Note that in order to pay the bond it must be paid in full online.  

Click here to see the fees associated with bonding online via a credit card or e-check payment.


Please note that all bonds posted online will be represented as the defendants own funds and cannot be returned to the person posting bond directly. If bond conditions are complied with, funds will be returned to the defendant at the conclusion of their court appearances.  Failure to comply with bond conditions can result in a forfeiture of the bond money paid to the Court.