Community Development

Mission Statement

We preserve, protect and enhance the natural and built environments by collaborating with the community in the creation and implementation of progressive development policies and standards.


Community Development services include land use development review, building permits and inspections, and comprehensive and master planning. Please review the Applications and Permits page for a description of services and helpful resources. The following are some of our most utilized services:

  • Land Use Review for land use approval prior to development.
  • Building and Zoning Permits for development approval.
  • Special Events Permits to ensure health, safety and welfare during events.
  • Short-term Rentals Licenses to legally operate a vacation rental.
  • Code Enforcement for violations of the Land Use Code and complaints.

Have Questions?

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (coming soon) and if your question is not answered, please reach out to one of the following email addresses below, staff will redirect as necessary.

Planner of the Day

For Planning and Zoning related questions such as understanding the Land Use Code or understanding land use review processes for new development, redevelopment, or special events contact the Planner or the Day.

Phone: 970-429-6108 (voicemail only)

Builder of the Day

For Building Department related questions such as building code requirements and permitting process, contact the Builder of the Day.


Short Term Rental Licensing

For Short Term Rental (STR) Licensing questions such as do I qualify, what are the requirements, how much does a license cost, etc... 

Phone: 970-379-9918

Compliant & Code Enforcement

For any complaint or code enforcement of the Pitkin County Home Rule Charter. 

Phone: 970-987-7685

Permit Application Tracking System (PATS/Sages)

For questions and technical support when working in our


Community Development Admin Support

For all other inquiries