2021 Master Plan Updates

Pitkin County is updating Master Plans for the East of Aspen, Castle Creek, Brush Creek, and Owl Creek Master Plans.

Participate by taking one or more of the following actions:

  • Review and redline documents(these are found on the Master Plan webpages linked below):
    • Existing Conditions Reports (Status of residential/commercial development; wildlife and recreation, etc.)
    • Draft Master Plan Updates: (These plans set policies to guide decision-making by the Board of County Commissioners and the Planning & Zoning Commission;)
    • Summaries Stakeholder Meetings and Public Comment
  • Attend public outreach Zoom meetings for the Brush Creek Master Plan Update: 
    • March 29, 2022: Tentative Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing for adoption.
  • Contact Ellen Sassano or Cindy Houben to give us your thoughts and ideas
  • Visit Ellen in our office on Thursdays at 530 E Main St. in Aspen. E-mail or call ahead to set up a time.
  • Invite Ellen and/or Cindy to your next caucus or group meeting to update you and get your thoughts


Cindy Houben                                                             Ellen Sassano

Pitkin County Community Development Director        Long Range Planner

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