A CORA Request


For Pitkin County Sheriff's Office Records, please visit the  Pitkin County Sheriff's Office web page and use the "request for report copy" form.
For records from the Pitkin County Coroner's Office, District Attorney or the 9th Judicial District, or other law enforcement agency, please contact that agency directly.

Instructions for Filing a Records Request:

  • Complete the electronic form in its entirety including providing a brief description of the document and/or information requested and if known, the date of issuance and location e.g. which department is the custodian of the document(s).
  • All requests should be forwarded to the Pitkin County Records Manager by one of the following methods:
    • Submitting the form electronically (below);
    • U.S. Mail or hand-delivered to 530 East Main Street, Ste. 302, Aspen, CO 81611;
    • Email to Jeanette Jones, Records Manager jeanette.jones@pitkincounty.co

Timeline for Production of the Records:

If the records are available pursuant to C.R.S. § 24-72-201, et seq., the records shall be made available for inspection within three working days. If extenuating circumstances exist so that the custodian cannot gather the records within the three-day period, the period shall be extended an additional seven working days. The requestor shall be notified of the extension within the first three days of receiving the request.

Charges for the Production of Records:

Per House Bill 14-1193: In order to defray the cost of the production of public records to individual requesting parties and not overly burden the County general or special funds with undue expenses, the County establishes a fee of $30 per hour for research and retrieval time to gather public documents associated with a request for production. The first hour of time shall not be charged.

In addition to the research and retrieval costs allowed by HB14-1193, the custodian may charge a fee not to exceed twenty five cents per standard page for a copy of a public record or a fee not to exceed the actual cost of providing a copy, printout or photograph of a public record in a format other than a standard page.

You will be notified in advance of any such fee. We will commence no work of this type on your behalf without your prior approval and advance payment.

Note: There are many exceptions to what records may be disclosed and if the County Attorney determines that, a record shall not be disclosed the requester will be notified of such determination.

CORA Request

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