Short Term Rentals

On Wednesday, December 15th, Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) heard the first reading of a proposed short term rental licensing and regulation ordinance. The proposed ordinance is scheduled for a second reading and public hearing on January 26th, 2022. The proposed effective date of the proposed ordinance is April 30, 2022.

The January 26th, 2022 STR meeting will be held virtually. To participate and offer comment during the meeting, follow the zoom link or call the phone number on top of the meeting's agenda, which can be found here. 

Community members are encouraged to review the ordinance documents and submit comments to the BOCC prior to January 26th, 2022 . Comments can be submitted in a variety of ways:

1. Visit to share comments with the BOCC and Pitkin County staff at any time in advance of the meeting on January 26, 2022.

2. Virtually attend the January 26, 2022 meeting and share comments during the meeting. To participate, follow the zoom link or call the phone number on top of the meeting's agenda, which can be found here. Please keep in mind that commenters are limited to 3 minutes each. There is no in-person option as this meeting will be held entirely virtually for the health and safety of those attending. Instructions and troubleshooting for virtual attendance can be found here.

3. Mail written comments to Board of County Commissioners, 530 E. Main St. Suite 302, Aspen, CO 81611.

Short term rental documents:

- Short Term Rental Proposed Ordinance First Reading Agenda Item Summary, 12/15/2021
- Short Term Rental First Reading Ordinance, 12/15/2021
- Short Term Rental First Reading Code Amendment, 12/15/2021
- Press Release, 12/10/2021

BOCC short term rental meetings and work sessions:

- First Reading: 12/15/2021 
- Work Session: 10/19/2021
- Work Session: 10/05/2021
- Work Session: 07/27/2021
- Work Session: 06/22/2021

What would the proposed short term rental ordinance do?

It would establish a licensing regulation in Pitkin County pertaining to short term rentals. The proposed regulation will license and regulate residential properties that are rented for a term of less than 30 days.

It would prohibit short term rentals in the areas of the County that are zoned as Rural and Remote. The reasoning behind this restriction includes challenges with emergency services access to residences in these zone districts, the degree of isolation in these zone districts that prospective renters might not anticipate, and the appropriateness of limiting commercial activity in these districts.

The proposed ordinance would also limit short term rentals licenses to only properties that are an owner's primary residence. The intent is to limit the potentially degraded sense of community that can come from the creation of residential areas with large pockets that lack permanent residents or the conversion of neighborhoods into de facto lodge developments without appropriate review, zoning compliance, or mitigation of impacts.