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Short Term Rental license applications open for properties in unincorporated Pitkin County

Members of the public are invited to apply for Short Term Rental (STR) licenses. On June 22, the Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) adopted an STR licensing program which goes into effect September 20. At this time, any STR in unincorporated Pitkin County will be required to have a valid license. County Community Development staff are accepting applications for STR licenses and encourage all interested parties to apply at least 14 days in advance in order to ensure sufficient time for processing. Read more in our press release.

The STR regulations are outlined in BOCC.Ord.028.2022. The code amendments, which are effective September 20, include the following:

Definition of a Short Term Stay or Rental: Any dwelling unit or lodging unit rented, offered, leased, provided, exchanged or operated as a lodging accommodation for compensation for a period less than 30 consecutive days.

STR Regulations: The ordinance language related to STR licensing requirements, procedures, standards, occupancy and operational standards, enforcement, fees, and appeals that are included in the adopted language include:
*4 night minimum/120 night maximum
*History of short term rental activity for the property demonstrating its use for short term rental between the period of May 11, 2017 and May 11, 2022

Fees: On July 5, 2022 the BOCC adopted a tiered fee structure that will be instituted for STR licenses.

*Seasonal (61-120 Nights)
Fee Amount = Assessor Home Market Value X .07%

*Limited Seasonal (21 - 60 Nights)
 Fee Amount = Assessor Home Market Value X .06%

*Otherwise Limited (20 Nights or Less)
 Fee Amount = Assessor Home Market Value X .05%

License application: The public can begin applying for short term rental licenses beginning Friday July 15, 2022 here:

Official Documents


Title 6 Code 

A history of the process: Short Term Rental documents

- Short Term Rental Proposed Ordinance Third Reading Agenda Item Summary, 5/11/2022

- Short Term Rental Third Reading Ordinance, 5/11/2022

- Short Term Rental Third Reading Code Amendment, 5/11/2022

- Short Term Rental Proposed Ordinance Second Reading Agenda Item Summary, 4/13/2022

- Short Term Rental Second Reading Ordinance, 4/13/2022

- Short Term Rental Second Reading Code Amendment, 4/13/2022

- STR Memo to BOCC 3/7/2022

- Second Reading Agenda Item Summary, 1/26/2022

- Second Reading Ordinance, 1/26/2022

- Second Reading Code Amendment, 1/26/2022

- Press Release, 1/19/2022

- Short Term Rental Proposed Ordinance First Reading Agenda Item Summary, 12/15/2021

- Short Term Rental First Reading Ordinance, 12/15/2021

- Short Term Rental First Reading Code Amendment, 12/15/2021

- Press Release, 12/10/2021

BOCC short term rental meetings and work sessions:

- Third Reading Continued 5/11/2022

- Second Reading Continued 4/13/2022

- Second Reading: 1/26/2022

- First Reading: 12/15/2021 

- Work Session: 10/19/2021

- Work Session: 10/05/2021

- Work Session: 07/27/2021

- Work Session: 06/22/2021

As currently proposed, the Short Term Rental (STR) licensing and regulation ordinance includes provisions that would, upon approval:

Go into effect 90 days after adoption.

Require a license for the rental of properties for periods of less than 30 days

Provide penalties for engaging in a rental activity of fewer than 30 days without a license

Establish a system where issued licenses would be valid for one year

Provide for the collection of applicable sales tax

Require that rented properties not create a disturbance in their neighborhoods

Require rented properties to be maintained so as to minimize the chance of injury to surrounding properties, renters, and their guests