Community Growth Advisory Committee

The Maroon Bells just outside of Aspen

Vision Statement
Utilize growth management and the Land-Use Code to meet our climate action goals while creating an equitable, sustainable, and resilient regional quality of life and economy for the future.

What is the Community Growth Advisory Committee?

The Community Growth Advisory Committee was established by the BOCC to provide recommendations for limiting and mitigating the impacts of growth and development on our community and our climate. In regular meetings held in 2022 and 2023, members of the Advisory Committee will be asked to bring varied perspectives on growth and development to find compromises that best meet the vision and goals of the community and develop code amendment recommendations for the Planning and Zoning Commission and BOCC consideration. Read more in our public service announcement.

Statement of Purpose

Land Use decisions directly shape our community in many different ways. They may be one of the most influential factors in driving both positive and negative community impacts. 

The County’s Land Use Code can be thought of as the levers that can be used to adjust those impacts one way or another. How we choose to use and manage our land is a powerful tool in defining the quality of life in our community. Read more.

Previous Work

A public outreach effort launched in 2020 about the impacts of growth and the affects of climate on the community, which led to data gathering. The data that was compiled by Pitkin County and its partners is listed below. Click the sections to see links to data. Members of the Community Growth Advisory Committee are encouraged to explore past data to gain an understanding of what's been done. Since 2020, additional studies have been conducted. That data and the earlier work will be presented to the committee, elected leaders and the community during this process.

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  4. Intensity & Impacts
  5. Climate Change
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