Special Events

Information For Event Organizers

All Event Organizers must provide a safe and secure environment for their event, staff, volunteers, participants, and spectators at all times. This is accomplished through planning and anticipating any potential problems or concerns related to the event activities and surrounding environment. In some cases, the hiring of deputies (law enforcement) from the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office, the use of private security, the use of staff/volunteer marshals, or a combination may be required by the county to obtain a Special Event Permit.

The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office determines the number of deputies, marked or unmarked patrol vehicles, and other personnel required based on the following, noting this list is not all-inclusive.

  • Expected attendance

  • Location of the event

  • Timeframe of the event

  • The presence of alcohol

  • History of the event

  • Nature of the event

  • Street and Right of Way closures

  • The amount of advertising used for an event

Role of The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office

The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office may require Sheriff’s Office staff and marked or unmarked police vehicles to be present at an event to supplement an event organizer's security plan and provide additional presence. These sworn officers are onsite to enforce state laws and county ordinances, keep the peace and support the event security plan to ensure a safe event. It is not the responsibility of law enforcement to provide any services that are the job of private security or staff/volunteer marshals

Pitkin County Incident Management Team

The Sheriff or their designee will evaluate all special event permits submitted to Pitkin County. Through that evaluation, risk analysis, and determination of risk mitigation strategies, the Sheriff may require the Pitkin County Incident Management Team to manage public safety resources at any event within Pitkin County. The Pitkin County Incident Management team is a no-cost, all-hazards qualified incident management team recognized by the State of Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and operates through a delegation of authority and/or scope of work provided by the special event agency having jurisdiction.

Rates For Special Event Deputies

The rate for special event coverage for special event law enforcement is $135 per hour, with a minimum of two deputies. This pay rate is effective 1/11/2023. 

How To Coordinate Law Enforcement For Your Event

All special event applications must be submitted to the Pitkin County Community Development Office promptly, with enough time to engage in open discussions and meetings with event organizers. The process is critical to the safe planning and operation of any special event in Pitkin County. For more information, view the Community Development Special Event Website Link.

The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to deny any special event application that threatens the safety of the public and/or does not meet the standards of safety and security as determined by the Pitkin County Sheriff.