The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office Investigations Division currently consists of 2 full-time Investigators and 1 full-time juvenile officer. Pitkin County is a tourist based community, the majority of criminal activity is property related and alcohol involved crimes.


Initial crime reports are taken by the patrol staff. Those cases needing further investigation are forwarded to the investigators for follow up. Investigators are responsible for evidence collection, crime scene processing, and interviewing witnesses and suspects. Each Investigator carries a caseload of approximately 7 cases at any given time.

Officer Involved Critical Incident Investigation

The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office participates in a group of highly trained personnel from various law enforcement agencies and the Office of the District Attorney within the 9th Judicial District which investigates, upon request, critical incidents. This team is available to provide a thorough and impartial investigation of such incidents without causing a serious diminishment on any one department's resources. This team adds a level of continuity and credibility to the complex nature of investigations. 

A full copy of the MOU can be accessed by clicking on this link.


If you wish to speak to an investigator about a pending Pitkin County case or wish to report confidential information, contact Investigator, Brad Gibson.