Zoning and Engineering

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    Community Development Planning Department

The floodplain maps can be found in the County's Community Development Office, or online through Pitkin County Maps and More - https://maps.pitkincounty.com/gvh/?viewer=ComDev

Please contact the Community Development office with any questions.   

Elevation Certificate and Instructions (PDF)

Real time river flow information - http://www.roaringfork.org/your-watershed/river-flows/

FEMA's six ways to protect your home from flooding - https://www.fema.gov/sites/default/files/2020-07/fema_l235_brochure_homeowners_guide_retrofitting.pdf

Construction Management Information

Prior to permit submittal, the applicant shall review the Construction Management Plan Manual (PDF) in its entirety and note all provisions that may apply to the project. Prior to permit issuance, the applicant shall sign a Construction Management Agreement Form, acknowledging their understanding of this manual and the requirement that they adhere to all provisions outlined in this manual. With the Agreement, it is understood that a complete Construction Management Plan will be maintained onsite. Once the permit has been issued, at least one week prior to the first required inspection, the contractor shall request a Construction Management Inspection through Sages, the County's permit tracking system. Follow this link to the permitting site - SagesGov

Smuggler Superfund Site