Juvenile Services

Investigation of Crimes Against Children
The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office assigns a full time investigator to handle crimes against children and oversee cases of juvenile delinquency, or crimes committed by children. Investigator Bruce Benjamin works closely with all the schools in Pitkin County, the Department of Human Services, the Office of the District Attorney, the District Court, and all law enforcement agencies in the area. With this close collaboration, the best possible services to the area’s youth are delivered, with the highest level of public safety being the ultimate goal.

Child Abuse Cases
The types of child abuse case that the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office investigates are varied and include physical abuse and sexual abuse. With the advent of technology, cases such as child enticement via the internet, cyber bullying, and child pornography possession and distribution via the internet or via texting are encountered. For these type of case, national resources are frequently accessed. These resources included the
  • FBI’s regional computer forensic laboratory
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s DNA laboratory and other forensic services
  • Kempe Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse
  • The Children’s Hospital in Denver
Juvenile Investigator Benjamin also supervises the registration of sex offenders in the unincorporated area of Pitkin County.

Additional Resources
The following is a list of additional resources in regards to child abuse.