Temporary Permit

Temporary Permit or Temporary Plates

A temporary permit is a temporary motor vehicle registration that includes a "paper license plate". It is issued generally to allow a newly purchased vehicle to be driven while the transfer of ownership documentation is completed. Permit issuance is at the discretion of the county clerk. A temporary permit costs $7.03.

Common Reasons for a Temporary Permit

New Purchase From a Dealer

When you buy a vehicle from a dealer, the dealer typically puts a 45-60 day permit on the vehicle. Out-of-state dealers may give fewer days on their permits. If your paperwork has not arrived in our office by the time your permit expires, we will extend your temporary permit for 14 days.

Required Documents for Issuance
  • Any documents from the dealership with the year, make and VIN (Vehicle identification number). Typical documents are a purchase agreement or a temporary dealer registration

New Purchase from an Individual

If you purchase a vehicle from a private party without a loan, you will receive a 14-day permit.

Required Documents for Issuance
  • The title signed over to you
  • Bill of sale (see form below) and proof of ownership (copy of the title or old registration) from the previous owner

New purchase From an Individual

If you purchase a vehicle from a private party with a loan, we will issue a 30-45 day permit while the paperwork is being processed.

Required Documents for Issuance
  • A copy of or the original title signed over to you
  • Copy of the security agreement from the bank

In Transit

Pitkin County will issue a 14 day temporary permit for the purpose of transporting a vehicle from Colorado. If the vehicle is a new purchase, we will need to see that the title has been signed over to you. If the vehicle is not a new purchase, but the Colorado plate has expired, we will need the most recent registration.

Vehicle Purchased Out-of-State

Temporary permits should not be issued to vehicles which are not physically located in Colorado. Purchases made in another state will need to be issued a permit from that state to move the vehicle into Colorado.

Common Reasons for Denial of a Temporary Permit

Reissuance of Pates From 1 Vehicle to Another

When plates from 1 vehicle are reissued to a second vehicle (both vehicles are owned by the same individual), a temporary permit cannot be issued to the first vehicle until the owner is able to sell the vehicle.

Test Driving a Vehicle

When an individual needs to sell his vehicle and the plates are not current, a temporary cannot be issued to let potential buyers test drive a vehicle.