Winter Maintenance

County Responsibility

Pitkin County Road and Bridge plows approximately 115 miles of roads. County roads are categorized on a priority basis and the roads with the higher priorities are plowed first such as school bus routes, high service level roads, and roads that access emergency services. Although snow removal crews normally begin clearing the roads at 5 a.m., some of the lower priority roads may not be cleared until later. Hills and corners are sanded for safety.

Normal Circumstance

  • Days with measurable snow amounts, routes will be plowed in there entirety.
  • Days without snow, crews will cleanup and push back snow routes as needed. All roads may not receive attention on those days.
  • On regular working days plowing operations will begin at 5 a.m. and end at 10 p.m.
  • Weekends and extended shift plowing may take place under the direction of the supervisor.

Extreme Circumstances

  • County roads may not receive same day maintenance. First priority roads will be plowed and kept open on extreme snow days.
  • Second and third priority roads may not receive attention on those days.

Snow Removal Operations

Usually there are 2 separate snow removal operations. The 1st is during the storm itself and consists of passes with the plows and needed sanding to keep the roads open prioritizing school bus routes and high service level roads.

The 2nd operation begins when the storm abates. It consists of widening the traveled portion of the road, pushing snow back and plowing out wide spots on the roadways. It may be several days between the1st plowing and final cleanup.

Citizen Responsibility

Unfortunately, each operation may result in a berm of snow across private driveways or encroachments to county roads. The county does not have the resources to keep driveways clear. This is the responsibility of each individual resident or business. Reasonable effort is made to plow in a manner that will minimize the snow that is left.

Property owners, who create hazards in a public right of way, e.g., plowing snow off private drives, piling construction materials or timber, or placing garbage bins, may be subject to prosecution under C.R.S. §43-5-301. A property owner may also be liable for any injury attributable to a hazard or the removal of a hazard he/she has created in a public right of way. Vehicle owners and property owners who leave vehicles in a public right of way are likewise subject to prosecution and vehicle impoundment.

Seasonal Closures

  • Selected limited access roads may be closed during the winter season.  No plowing of these selected roads will occur.  Locking or closing of gates will occur on, or around November 15th and will be reopened no later on or around May 15th.
  • Hunter Creek Toll Road
  • Castle Creek Rd at Ashcroft
  • Maroon Creek Rd above T Lazy 7
  • Prince Creek Road and Dinkle Lake Road will close for the season on December 1st. Prince Creek Road will open on or around April 15th and Dinkle Lake Road will open on or around May 15th. Prince Creek Road will close on the Carbondale side at the end of the pavement; on the West Sopris Creek Road side; it will close .7 miles from the end of the pavement.