Sales & Withdrawal

Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosure sales are held on Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the south front door of the Pitkin County Adminstration & Sheriff Building (530 E. Main St.). If you would like to bid at a foreclosure sale you will need register with the Public Trustee’s Office the day of sale by 9:40 a.m. Only you or an agent for you may take part in the bidding. No 2 persons from the same company may bid at the same sale. Bidding will go up increments of $50 or more. At the time of registering you must have in hand the written bid amount in certified funds. If you are the winning bidder you will have until noon to provide the overbid amount in certified funds. Not complying with any of the mentioned rules will automatically forfeit your bid. A forfeit bid will result in 12 month period that you will not be able to bid at our foreclosure sales.

It is the responsibility of the bidder to do their own research

Continued Sales

A foreclosure sale may be continued from the original day of sale to a later date if the attorney for the beneficiary provides the Public Trustee with a written request to continue the sale to a specific later date or for any reason deemed by the Public Trustee for good cause. On the original day and place set for sale, the information in the letter of continuance is read or the Public Trustee may continue the sale by oral announcement, informing 1 and all about the later sale date. The letter is kept in the official file. No re-publishing is necessary. No sales can be held later than 12 months from the original date set for sale.


A Withdrawal of Notice of Election and Demand for Sale can be submitted to the Public Trustee’s Office by the foreclosing attorney. This document will be recorded and the foreclosure closed.

Fees for Sale and/or Withdrawal

All fees must be paid in full before a sale is held. If the fees are not paid in full prior to a schedule sale date, the sale will be continued.

All fees must be paid in full prior to the recording of a withdrawal.

Pursuant to CRS 38-38-109(3)(b), if no sale or a withdrawal has not been filed within 45 calendars days after the last date of sale (no later than 12 months from the original sale date, not effected by bankruptcy proceedings) you will be notified by our office stating if there is no response received within 30 calendar days from such notice an Administrative Withdrawal of Notice of Election and Demand for Sale by Public Trustee will be recorded. Additional fees will be added to the file.