Mobile Home Transportation

Pitkin County Treasurer requires the following items for the movement of a mobile home:
  • Moving permit is required
  • Schedule Number
  • Assessed owner name
  • Old Physical Address
  • New Physical Address
  • Date of Move
  • Mover's Name and Address
  • $10 authentication form fee
  • Appropriate taxes paid, if any
Title Transfers
For new owner title transfer, we will need:
  • Same items as listed above
  • Name and mailing address of new owner(s) and sales price.
Moving Permit
All mobile homes that are moving require a moving permit. The treasurer's office issues the moving permit and an Authentication Form. The Authentication Form (PDF) states the tax status of the mobile home. The cost for the Authentication Form and Moving Permit together is $10.

Authentication Form
The Authentication Form (PDF) and the title are required in the County Clerk and Recorder's Office for the title change. The cost for the Authentication Form is $10. Additional costs for a title change are collected in the County Clerk and Recorder's Office. Tax status is checked and may require tax payment.

Purge the Title
To purge the title of a mobile home and combine the improvements and the land on the same schedule number, start with requesting a "Purge Packet" from the Pitkin County Assessor's office. They will offer assistance with the process. The tax status form within the packet requires a signature from a Treasurer's office staff member and then will be further processed by the County Clerk and Recorder's Office.