Tax Information

Tax Notice

The County Treasurer's Office bills property taxes from the tax roll warrant certified by the County Assessor. Tax notices are sent out mid-January of every year. In Colorado you pay the prior year taxes during the current year. Colorado Revised State Statute39-10-103(1)(a).

Note: Please contact the Treasurer’s Office if you have not received your notice by February.

Tax Calculation

Taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value times the mill levy.
  • Valuation is set by the Assessor’s Office in May of the prior year
    • Please contact the Assessor’s Office if you have questions on how the valuation was determined
  • Taxing districts set the mill levies in December of the prior year (County commissioners, School Boards, City Council, voter approval and directors of districts)
Failure of any person to receive their annual tax notice shall not preclude collection by the treasurer of the amount of taxes due and payable by such person. Colorado Revised State Statute. 39-10-103(1)(a).

Applicable delinquent interest and other charges shall apply to delinquent payments. Colorado Revised State Statute. 39-10-104.5.