TV/FM Translator Services

The Pitkin County TV/FM Translator maintains and operates a mountain top translator system that re-broadcasts FM radio and television signals to residents of Pitkin County and other portions of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Maintenance and Outages:


Thomasville Viewers: The transmitter that broadcasts Channel 18 (PBS, VMe and Create) is down. County staff plans to hike to the site the week of 6/18 to determine the issue. We will provide updates to the website as soon as we learn more information. 


Denver TV Stations:  County staff have been investigating options to restore the lost network stations that were rebroadcast from Denver on the Translator network.

We currently rebroadcast the following stations from Grand Junction: 4-1 FOX, 4-2 CBS, 4-3 Escape, 4-4 Grit, 18-1 PBS, 18-2 Vme and 18-3 Create. We also broadcast 11-1 Community Government (CGTV) and 12-1 GrassRoots (GRTV) out of Aspen.

Adding Grand Junction over-the-air stations to replace the lost stations appears to be the most viable solution of the current options. This solution will provide the following stations: 3-1 Heroes & Icons, 8-1 ABC, 8-2 CW and 22-1 Movies. All major network stations will be available with the exception of NBC. The equipment installation need for this service can be completed by early fall 2018.


CPR 101.5 Aspen: Engineers have successfully made necessary repairs and CPR 101.5 is now back on the air.  Thank you for your patience as our engineers dealt with access difficulties to repair the problem.

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Report a Problem

To report problems with the system, please call 920-5395 or email us. Please provide the nature of the outage, your location and a call back number; someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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