Information Technology


The IT department's organizational mission is to enable Pitkin County Agencies, Offices, and Departments to meet their mission-related obligations through the targeted use of Information and Geospatial Technology.


The IT department's Vision is to provide secure access to the Pitkin County Information Network by all stakeholders, at any time, from any location, on any device.  


  • Easy access to information is part of our culture and it should not be inhibited by commercial exploitation and political hinderance.

  • People first, Business second, and Technology third.

  • Facts are facts and are amenable to evidence-based updating.

  • Individuals may advocate contra-factual opinions but may not incorporate such individual beliefs into products and services.

  • We treat all stakeholders the same.

  • We collaborate, not compete.

  • Ethical behavior is key to our success and we will adhere to a Code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics.

  • Leaders absorb failures and celebrate successes.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

In addition to core system and network functions, the IT department oversees the GIS department