Application Process

Grant Application Instructions

Please refer to the Grant Guidelines for details. Partnership grants are offered every 3 years based on committee review. All current Annual Grantees must fill out both the Application and the Mid-Year report. 

All agencies currently receiving funding must complete a Mid-Year Report. An email will be sent to the agency with a link to complete the Mid-Year Report. Please click Here for a How to guide.

For further clarification on Application instructions, please view the Healthy Community Fund training guide or the Collaborative Grant training guide.


Both Community Non-Profits (CNP) and Health and Human Services (HHS) will be using the same application. This year there will also be an opportunity to apply for a Collaborative Grant as well. In order to apply, you must have previously or currently participated in the Healthy Community Fund program.

Health Community Fund Agency Goals Guide

See what Goal Area, and whether you are in an Annual or Partnership Grant HERE.


 The deadline for Grant Applications and Mid Year Reports is August 1, 2023, at 4:00 PM. 

Eligible Organizations

Non-profit organizations that are dedicated to working together to strengthen the quality of life in Pitkin County are eligible to apply. These include:

  • Health & Human Service agencies (HHS) that provide a continuum of health care services including prevention, intervention, education and outreach programs, regardless of the client’s ability to pay. These agencies are defined, in general, as programs addressing issues related to youth, family and adult well-being, physical health, mental health and substance use prevention
  • Community Non-Profit organizations (CNP) that address community problems, enrich the quality of life in Pitkin County and serve the Community Goals.

 Applicants must be tax exempt under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. The Healthy Community Fund provides general operating support for eligible non-profits.

Non-Eligible Organizations

 The Healthy Community Fund does not consider applications for funding in the following areas: capital projects, the Arts (e.g. theatre, art, music programs), childcare, one- time sports events, or for grant-making foundations or organizations which distribute funds to recipients of their own selection.

Application Evaluation Process

Staff will screen each application for completeness. Accepted applications will be forwarded to the Citizen Grant Review Committee (CGRC), a board appointed volunteer citizen group.

Funding Recommendations

The CGRC mission is to make funding recommendations to the Board that reflect the intention of the November 2018 ballot question, which renewed and increased a special health & human services and community non-profit fund with property tax dollars.

Scoring Criteria

The Citizen Grant Review Committee scores each application, based on the following criteria:

  1. Application is complete, clear and concise. 
  2. Fulfills the intent of the ballot language and a Community Goal
  3. Services address essential community need
  4. Serves people who live and/or work in Pitkin County
  5. Does not duplicate existing services or programs
  6. Collaborates and partners with other agencies
  7. Clearly demonstrates an appropriate need for public funding
  8. Demonstrates financial stability and presents accurate budgets and financial reports
  9. Identifies other funding partners
  10. Agency has a track record of successful service

Grant Cycle

 DateCycle Stage
June 12Grant Application & 2023 Mid-Year Report Open
August 1
Grant Application & Mid-Year Report Due
September / OctoberGrant Application Review
October / November
Funding Recommendations Presented To The Board of County Commissioners
DecemberPitkin County Budget Approved
JanuaryGrant Contracts Signed
January 31Year-End Reports Due
By March 31Grant Checks Mailed