Healthy Rivers  Board


  •  Andre Wille - District 5
    Term Expires: September 9, 2024
  • Maciej Mrotek - District 5
     Term Expires: September 9, 2027
  • Bill Jochems -  District 5
    Term Expires: September 9, 2025
  • Wendy Huber - Watershed Rep.
    Term Expires: September 9, 2027

  • Kristin Neff -  Watershed Rep.
    Term Expires: September 9, 2024
  • Christopher Lemons - District 2                                      
    Term Expires: September 9, 2025
  • Christopher Wheatley - District 3   
    Term Expires: September 9, 2024


The Healthy Rivers and Streams Citizen Advisory Board assists the Board of County Commissioners of Pitkin County in administering the Healthy Rivers and Streams Fund Program and in furthering the objectives of the program as authorized by Pitkin County voters (Referendum 1A). The inaugural Advisory Board was appointed by the BOCC on September 9, 2009 

Goals of the Board

  • Maintaining and improving water quality and quantity within the Roaring Fork watershed
  • Purchasing, adjudicating changes of, leasing, using, banking, selling, and protecting water rights for the benefit of the Roaring Fork Watershed
  • Working to secure, create and augment minimum stream flows in conjunction with non-profits, grant agencies, and appropriate State and Federal agencies to ensure ecological health, recreational opportunities, and wildlife and riparian habitat; promoting water conservation
  • Improving and constructing capital facilities that contribute to the objectives listed above