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Sky Mountain Park, Moore Open Space, Gold Butte

TRAIL REGULATIONS: A number of paved and unpaved trails maintained by Pitkin County Open Space and Trails are subject to seasonal closures and other restrictions. Dogs must be leashed unless a trail is specifically exempted. There are areas throughout the county that pet owners may find suitable for walking a dog off leash. See e-bike regulations below. 

PAY TICKETS ONLINE: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover Card payments online. [ The processing fee is: Transaction Amount +((Transaction Amount +$0.75)x 2.25%) + $0.75 ]. Find TICKET PAYMENT INFORMATION HERE. Pay your citation online here.

DRONE USE: Drone use is prohibited on all Pitkin County Open Space and Trails properties and trails.

COMMERCIAL USE: All commercial use on Pitkin County open spaces and trails (including photography/video) requires a permit from Open Space and Trails. NO COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY IS ALLOWED AT NORTH STAR NATURE PRESERVE. Find out more.

NORTH STAR: Please do not float during low flows (you should not touch the bottom when floating). Be prepared to cross over beaver dams (do not go around them on land). No dogs are permitted. Find all regulations here: FLOATING NORTH STAR - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW


TRAIL ALERTS: Sign up here for email or text alerts about trail openings and closures, and events that may affect your decision about where to hike or ride.

PITKIN TRAILFINDER / ECOFINDER: Pitkin Outside features a mapping website (TrailFinder) and EcoFinder, a compilation of ecological studies and data, plus a monthly blog. TrailFinder maps all trails in Pitkin County. Click on a particular trail for mileage and elevation information, plus regulations. Toggle between winter and summer in the upper right of the website (summer displays more trails, winter displays nordic trails).

OPEN SPACE REGULATIONS: Pitkin County Open Space and Trails properties are governed by Title 12 of the Pitkin County Code, which establishes general rules that apply to all of the open spaces and trails within the program. (Descargar Reglamento de Parques en Español.) In addition to Title 12, use of some open space properties is governed by an adopted management plan that is specific to a particular property.

SENIOR CITIZEN PASSES - HUNTER CREEK: The parking pass for senior citizens who wish to use the Hunter Creek parking lot is available from Pitkin County Senior Services, 0275 Castle Creek Road. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Seniors must be at least 65 years old and present a driver’s license to obtain a pass.

E-BIKE REGULATIONS: Pitkin County allows Class 1, pedal-assist e-bikes on paved trails plus the gravel East of Aspen Trail and the gravel section of the Rio Grande Trail. E-bike use, and other motorized uses, are NOT permitted on any singletrack trail on Pitkin County’s open spaces. A Class 1 bike must be pedaled in order to operate and has a maximum speed of 20 mph. E-bike use is permitted on roads where motorized travel is allowed. CLICK for an e-bike map.

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