Data Download 

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GIS data available in various data types including Shapefile, AutoCAD, Google Earth, ESRI File Geodatabase.  Metadata is provided for each.  Pitkin County GIS data is projected in NAD 1983 StatePlane Colorado Central (US Feet).

Aerial Photos

Ortho/Aerial Photos from 1991, 2012, 2014, 2018 & 2022

Base Map

Driveways, Federal Lands, Irrigation Ditches, Parks, Road Edge & Centerlines, Structures, Town Limits, Township, Section, Range (PLSS), Trails, Aspen UGB, Voter Precincts, Water Features, and Winter Trails


Two, Ten, and One Hundred foot Contours and LiDAR data. 

Land Records

Address Points, Caucus Areas, Condominiums, Historic Districts, Mining Claims, Open Space, Open Space Conservation Easements, Parcels (current & retired), Zoning, Scenic Areas, Subdivisions, and Subdivision Lots