About the Maroon Creek Caucus


The Maroon Creek Caucus begins at the SE corner of Lot Two, Heatherbed Lodge PUD, continuing across Maroon Creek Road to the Western edge of Lot 17, Aspen Highlands Village PUD, continuing South along the City of Aspen Town Boundary around the perimeter of Aspen Highlands Village PUD until the Aspen Highlands Ski Area Boundary.  The Caucus Boundary follows the Aspen Highlands ridge line to an elevation of 12,839 feet just below Hunter Peak (13,497).  The caucus boundary then cuts NW to teh Buttermilk ridge line above and including the Maroon Bells parking lot at the end of Maroon Creek Road.  The boundary follows the ridge line down to the Southern most tip on the Buttermilk Ski Area.  The boundary heads East to a point on the western edge of Lot 1, Heatherbed Lodge PUD, then South along the Western edge of Lots 1 and 2, Heatherbed Lodge PUD, then east along the Southern boundary of Lot 2, Heatherbed Lodge PUD to the Point of Beginning.

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