Planning and Zoning


530 E. Main St
Suite 205
Aspen, CO 81611


Link: Planning and Zoning

Name Title Email Phone
Kochen, Tami Planner 970-920-5359
Burklow, Halene Planning Technician 970-429-6198
Sassano, Ellen Long-Range Planner 970-920-5098
Schaffner, Joanna Planner/Zoning 970-920-5105
Shiles, Bonnie Planning and Zoning Administrative Assistant 970-920-5109
Wolff, Suzanne Assistant Director 970-920-5093
LaLonde, Larisa Planner/Zoning 970-920-5452
Dixson, Alisa Code Enforcement Officer 970-920-5450
Berg Christoff, Catherine Planning Engineer 970-429-2799
Lamont, Leslie Senior Planner 970-920-5482