Why do I need a drainage and erosion control?
We enjoy a high level of water quality in Pitkin County, adding to our enjoyment of life, recreation and wildlife habitat, and contributing to both environmental and human health. Maintenance of the high water quality we enjoy in Pitkin County is the reason we require responsible construction practices and wise management of stormwater runoff from disturbed areas.
Stream Sedimentation
Sedimentation of our streams degrades habitat essential for many aquatic organisms. Our recreation-based economy depends highly on the quality of our waters for fishing, boating, and overall appeal of the Roaring Fork, Fryingpan and Crystal River Valleys.
Human Health
Many of us get our water from streams and creeks in Pitkin County. Others get it from groundwater wells. The quality of our surface water and groundwater is highly dependent upon human behavior. In order to protect our drinking water sources and the health of our community, best management practices (BMPs) to control sedimentation and the movement of organic and inorganic pollutants must be put in place and maintained throughout the life of any construction / development project.

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1. Why do I need a drainage and erosion control?
2. Does the area of disturbance dictate what permits and plans I need to submit?
3. What goes into a drainage and erosion control plan for Pitkin County?
4. How long is a drainage and erosion plan in effect?
5. Who can I contact at Pitkin County for more information, or with questions?