What goes into a drainage and erosion control plan for Pitkin County?
Submit a detailed site map that should identify potential watercourses affected by stormwater runoff, accurate calculation of the area of disturbance, type and location of best management practices and methods of maintenance, long-term stabilization and revegetation plans, a description of onsite water management practices, and a description of methods for management of construction water (non-stormwater) discharges.

"Area of disturbance" is defined as the total area at the site where any construction activity is expected to result in disturbance of the ground surface. This includes any activity that could increase the rate of erosion, including, but not limited to, clearing, grading, excavation, and demolition activities, as well as haul roads and areas used for staging where traffic will result in the disturbance of the ground surface, septic and leach field installation, irrigation installation, and landscaping. Construction does not include routine maintenance to maintain the original line and grade, hydraulic capacity, or the original purpose of a facility.

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3. What goes into a drainage and erosion control plan for Pitkin County?
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