How do I search for prior approvals/records on a property using the Pitkin County Clerk & Recorder’s?

Directions on how to search documents in Pitkin County Maps&More: Look at step 1. Maps&More directions in the document for guidance.

There are two ways to search a parcel in Maps & More, but I will provide the easier way:

Click “I Agree” Select the “I want to…” blue button, at the top left corner, and choose the option "Go To" in the drop down. The best way to search is either by: Parcel ID# (XXXX-XXX-XX-XXX no dashes), Address, or Owner (Last name). Choose which you want to search by and click “Next.” This will take you into the parcel, selected in red. Look at the left area of Maps & More and find the “Show Map Layers” blue link and click it. You will want to select the boxes: “Parcel Overlay” then “Base Overlay” then “Planning and Zoning” then “Land Use Records.” Click on the area in red, this should show the records on the parcel you are searching for information on. It will show 1 of 2 records, if you selected the “Land Use Records.” 1 of 2 is where you can obtain Laserfiche records. 

There is another way to look up Laserfiche records which will be mentioned below. 1 of 2 shows you where you can view Laserfiche documents. If there is one document only, it will provide you only that document. If there are more than one document, it will show up in a list. If you want to view the one document in Laserfiche you can follow the steps in Laserfiche provided below. 2 of 2 shows the owner name, address, location (in Pitkin County or not), and Assessor Account: another name for Reception Number RXXXXXX (R007340). Note, if the location doesn’t say Pitkin County then the property you may want to verify the information with Pitkin County ComDev staff. If you click on the Assessor Account Number blue link it will take you to the Pitkin County Assessor information. The Assessor Account/Reception Number can be used for searching documents for the parcel in Clerk and Recorder’s website as well. You can look up the zone district in Maps & More, if you scroll down on the left side, where you selected the “Land Use Records” and select “Zone District Labels,” this should show you the zone district the property is located in. At this point, you may want to look up what the permitted uses are for the zone district the property is located in. You can find that information in Pitkin County Land Use Code (LUC) Chapter 4 Table 4-1. Look for your zone district in the Table (for example, RS-30). If there is an "A" that means it’s allowed. An “S” means the permitted use has a special review process through planning. If there is nothing in the space, that means the permitted use is actually prohibited. For example, a Single Family Dwelling Unit in the RS-20 & RS-30 zone district in Table 4-1 is an “A” Allowed permitted use.

Also search for documents relevant to a property on Laserfiche and Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder’s.

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