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Pitkin County Clerk Copy Request eForm

  1. Copy Fees

    • Standard Real Estate Documents $0.25 / per page
    • Plats and Survey's $5.50 / per page
    • Civil Union License or Marriage License $0.25
    • Certification of documents ( $1.00 / per document)
    All information collected is used for internal purposes only and will not be shared.

  2. Payment

    We do not accept credit card as payment:

    • Provide your Escrow Account Agent Name (bottom of form)
    • OR
    • Print send this form and sent it along with a check payable to:
    Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder
    530 E. Main St.
    Suite 101
    Aspen, CO 81611

  3. Payment Option*

  4. Please enter reception #'s or book / page(s) of documents needed.

  5. We do not provide select pages of a document, only the full document. If you need more than one copy of a document please note that in the section above.

  6. Do copies need to be certified?

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