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OWTS Contractor/Cleaner/Inspector License Application

  1. Is this a new application or a renewal?

  2. Type of License*

  3. Is your credential current? *

  4. If your inspector credential is not current, you will be required to renew your credential prior to proceeding with this application.

  5. New licenses require an affidavit for right to work in Colorado. We are unable to accept digital applications, please email or call 970-920-5070 for more information.

  6. Email opt-in*

    The undersigned confirms their understanding that email is the preferred form of communication for Pitkin County Environmental Health Department ("The Department") and agrees to allow the inclusion of their email address with the Department to receive periodic communications related to business (meetings dates, permit, public hearings, etc.). The Department shall be notified in a timely manner of any changes to the undersigned's email address.

  7. By selecting SUBMIT, I hereby certify that I am familiar with and will comply with all requirements of the Pitkin County OWTS Regulation's standards of performance for this license. I understand that noncompliance with the requirements of the OWTS Regulation may result in the revocation of my license.

  8. Indicate Preferred Method of Payment*

  9. By selecting SUBMIT, I certify that I am the owner or representative with the legal authority to agree to the conditions of this application, the above information is complete and accurate, and that I have provided complete and accurate information in all of the documents included in my application package. I acknowledge that this department may revoke any license I am issued if my application is found to contain any inaccurate, false, or misleading information.

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