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Septic (OWTS) Construction/Repair Permit Application

  1. Are these residences served by a single septic system (OWTS)?

  2. Is this a multi-family structure?

  3. Uploads

  4. Soil Testing Notification and Report (must be provided by a competent technician as defined in OWTS regulations). Soil Testing Reports are necessary for field area installations, but are not necessary for tank installations.

  5. A separate soils report is not necessary if included in the System Design document.

  6. Private Systems: Proof generally includes a well driller's report, well permit issued by the Colorado Division of Water Resources, final augmentation plan (if required), and a recent pumping report. Wells must be drilled before an application will be accepted. Public Systems: Proof generally includes a letter from the CWQCD - approved public water system confirming it has sufficient water to supply the development and it has agreed to do so.

  7. Primary Contact Information

  8. Primary Contact Information (If other than Owner)

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  10. Indicate Preferred Method of Payment*

  11. Designer Information

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    By selecting SUBMIT, I certify that I am the owner or representative with the legal authority to agree to the conditions of this permit, the above information is complete and accurate, and that I have provided complete and accurate information in all of the documents included in my application package. I acknowledge that this department may revoke any permit I am issued if my application is found to contain any inaccurate, false, or misleading information.

  14. Building Permit Instructions

    If this application is part of a building permit application, please bring a copy of this application to your building Pre-Submittal meeting. To get a copy, either enter your email address to receive a copy of your application, or select "Submit and Print" below.

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