Penny Hot Springs

A father and his two children huddle in Penny Hot Springs on a winter morning

Total acreage: 0.1 acres
Purchaser: Pitkin County
Year of acquisition: 1991
KEY FEATURES: An historic, natural hot springs located on the west bank of the Crystal River, opposite the river from Filoha Meadows Nature Preserve, another Pitkin County open space property. Open year-round, with access from Hwy. 133. Pitkin County acquired the 0.1 acres that is part of the larger hot springs area in 1991; it was adopted into the county Open Space and Trails program in 1999. A management plan for the county parcel, adopted in March 2020, called for securing a lease agreement for a portion of Colorado Department of Transportation right of way that encompasses some of the hot springs pools, as well as the parking area and slope between the highway and the river. The lease agreement allows Pitkin County to manage areas within the right of way and undertake improvements at the site, including restoring degraded areas of the slope between the highway and river.
Nearest Town: Redstone