Are magnesium chloride and sand affecting our water quality?
Pitkin County and towns within the county use both magnesium chloride and sand for snow removal and dust suppression. Pitkin County continues to pursue the use of the most effective and least harmful methods of dust suppression and deicing.

The fact is both of these applications can degrade water quality to some degree. Sand can cause sedimentation of streams and rivers, decreasing oxygen in the water and in some cases can create cementation, a process in which sand gets "cemented" between larger rocks and solidifies the bottoms of our streams and rivers. This can destroy fish spawning and feeding areas and, in turn, also destroy the recreational quality of our waters.

In terms of wildlife (aquatic life) there is no state standard for magnesium chloride in our rivers. There are, however, standards for public drinking water supplies. The Roaring Fork Conservancy has sampled many points throughout the county and has never found levels of magnesium or chloride that exceed the limits set on our public drinking water.

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