Who do I call if I saw someone dumping something down a storm sewer?
Water captured by storm sewer systems is not treated before it enters the river. Therefore, it is important to report anything unusual relating to water entering or leaving these structures. The most commonly recognized storm sewers, existing on city streets and major roadways, have metal grates over them. The majority of this type of storm sewer exists in the City of Aspen. Within the City of Aspen, please call Aspen Environmental Health (970-920-5039) to report any problematic activity.

There are other stormwater drains county-wide that need to be kept free of household, commercial and industrial wastes. These include roadside ditches, stormwater catchment ponds and other ditches and culverts. If you see anything unusual in any of these alternative storm drains, please contact Pitkin County Environmental Health and Natural Resources as soon as possible (970-920-5070).

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