What is the Colorado Noxious Weed Act?
The Colorado Noxious Weed Act ("the Act") (PDF) and its governing rules and regulations state that certain noxious weeds pose a threat to the continued economic and environmental value of the land in Colorado, and that they must be managed by all landowners in the state, both private and public.

These statutes also require the local governing authority to adopt and administer a noxious weed management program aimed at reclaiming infested acres and protecting weed-free land. The Act directs local governments to take the steps necessary to manage noxious weeds in their respective jurisdictions, and grants them authority to enforce the Act.

In accordance with these statutes, Pitkin County has established a Weed Advisory Board, a Noxious Weed Management Plan, and a Weed Management Enforcement Policy.

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1. What is a noxious weed?
2. What is the Colorado Noxious Weed Act?
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