Are these the only weeds we need to be concerned about?
No. Neighboring counties have found state-listed noxious weeds which do not yet occur in Pitkin County, but are on our watch list. These include:

If you think you have spotted any of these watch list weeds, note their location(s) and report them to the Pitkin County Land Management at 970-920-5214 or email Melissa Sever.

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1. What is a noxious weed?
2. What is the Colorado Noxious Weed Act?
3. What are the noxious weeds in Pitkin County?
4. Are these the only weeds we need to be concerned about?
5. What if my neighbors don't control noxious weeds on their property?
6. Who pays for weed control?
7. How can I get help identifying weeds on my property?
8. What should I do if I find noxious weeds on my or someone else's property in Pitkin County?
9. I have introduced biological controls to control an infestation. Can the county still require additional control measures?
10. How can I help prevent the spread of noxious weeds?
11. How can Pitkin County help me?
12. Who are the municipal noxious weed contacts in Pitkin County?