Do I need to display my address? How should I display my address?

Yes. The County ordinance states that every structure with an assigned address must have the address number properly displayed. This ordinance is enforceable by fine. Owners of structures shall display and maintain assigned numbers in a conspicuous place on said structure, in the following manner: 

1. Address Number on the Structure or Residence: The assigned address number shall be displayed at a location on the residence or structure that is easily visible as the structure is approached from the roadway. 

2. Number at the Road Line: Where the residence or structure is over 50 (fifty) feet from the edge of the road right-of-way, the assigned address number shall also be displayed on a noncombustible structure (post, fence, wall, mailbox, etc) at the property line adjacent to the walk or access drive to the residence or structure, in addition to being displayed on the residence or structure itself. 

3. Size, Color and Location of Number: Numbers shall be of a color that contrasts with their background color and shall be a minimum of 4 (four) inches in height. Numbers shall be located to be visible from the road at all times of the year. 

4. Proper Number: Every person whose duty is to display an assigned number shall remove any different number which might be mistaken for, or confused with, the assigned number. 

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