What is the Senior Property Tax Exemption in Colorado and how does this affect my taxes?
Title 39 Article 3 Part 2 CRS
In 2000, Colorado voters amended the State Constitution with the adoption of Section 3.5 of Article X. The amendment and subsequent legislation created a property tax exemption for 2 groups of people:
  • Qualifying seniors
  • Surviving spouses of senior who previously qualified
For those who qualify, 50% of the first $200,000 in actual value of their primary residence is exempted. The state will pay the County back the exempted property tax. Qualified individuals must file a completed application by July 15th of the year for which the exemption is requested. Applications are available in the Assessor's Office.

The senior citizen exemption in Colorado is also called the homestead exemption.

  • Seniors must be at least 65 years old on January 1 of the year the application is filed
  • They must have owned and lived in their homes for at least 10 consecutive years and the property must be their primary residence.
  • A surviving spouse of a senior who qualified for the exemption may also apply
The application deadline is July 15 of every year. For information, or to obtain an application, please contact the assessor at 970-920-5160. Note: Seniors who have previously applied and been granted the exemption do not need to apply again.

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