Goal Areas

The outcomes will be guided by formal community needs assessments that determine the goal areas. The following are the goal areas agencies will be required to report on. See what Goal Area your agency falls under HERE.

Goal 1: Community Well-Being (Including Families and Youth)
Increase social, emotional, and well-being of families and youth

  • Increased # of children, families, and individuals (people) who are served.
  • Increase access to affordable basic needs (ie: food, housing, transportation, etc.)
  • Increase healthy behaviors
  • Expansion of Core Public Health

    Goal 2: Physical Health
    Increase the well-being of individuals

  • Increase people who receive care and can access health care and primary care.
  • Decrease hospitalizations due to injury and disease.

    Goal 3: Mental Health and Substance use Prevention
    Increase psychological well-being of individuals, provide treatment and promote prevention

  • Increase people who receive care.
  • Reduce suicide deaths.
  • Increase healthy behaviors around mental health and/or substance use for people.

    Goal 4: The Well-Being of Seniors
    Increase social, emotional, economic, and physical well-being of senior adults

  • Increase access to and awareness of supportive health and community services.
  • Increase housing and supportive living options.
  • Increase access to and awareness of supportive wellness and enrichment activities.

    Goal 5: Education and Cultural Treasures
    Increase and optimize the quality of life for residents and workers in Pitkin County and enhance and sustain natural resources

  • Increase educational activities for the community.
  • Increase health, safety, and learning educational and community settings.
  • Increase neighborhoods and environments that promote educational opportunities.

    Goal 6: Environmental Health
    Increase quality of life as a result of the preservation of the natural environment and resources

  • Increase access to environments that promote healthy living
  • Increase healthier environments to improve health.
  • Increase awareness of environmental issues that improve health.

Requirements & Exceptions

Applicants must be tax exempt under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. The Healthy Community Fund provides general operating support for eligible non-profit applicants.

Pitkin County does not fund capital projects, the arts, day care centers, one time sports events, or other grant-making foundations or organizations which distribute funds to recipients of their own selection.