Are there any senior tax relief programs?

Yes, a Tax Deferral Program is available to senior citizens, whereby the state of Colorado pays the taxes on your residence and holds a lien on your property until it is sold, or changes are made to your qualifications. There is an interest rate associated with the deferral, which is set by the state. In 2021 it is 1.081%. An individual must be 65 or older as of January 1st of the year claimed. For more information please contact:

Pitkin County Treasurer's Office

530 East Main Street

Suite 201

Aspen, Colorado 81611

There is a Senior Property Tax Exemption in Colorado. For information, please contact:

Pitkin County Assessors Office

530 East Main St.

Suite 204

Aspen, Colorado 81611

Ph: 970-920-5160

There could be other tax breaks for qualifying senior property owners. Please contact Pitkin County Senior Services at 970-920-5432 for further information.

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