Redstone Parks and Open Space

Redstone Park
Year of acquisition: 1999 - 2016
Total acreage: 313.59 (open space)
Conservation easements: 61.93 acres
Acquired by: Pitkin County
Key features: Redstone Park, located between Redstone Boulevard and the Crystal River, is a well-used amenity by the town of Redstone and its visitors. It offers picnic tables, benches, a children's play area, winter ice rink and adjacent restrooms. The property was acquired by Pitkin County in the 1970s and absorbed into the Open Space and Trails program in 1999. It is linked via a pedestrian bridge to Elk Park, located on the opposite side of the river and adjacent to Highway 133. Elk Park offers a Depot featuring information about Redstone's history, as well as a parking area and footpath around the park. Sawmill Hill on the edge of Redstone boasts old-growth Ponderosa pines. Open space properties in the vicinity of Redstone also include Redstone Boulders, a bouldering area; the Pillar, an ice-climbing site (winter access only); and the Drool, also an ice-climbing site. In addition, 21 acres of Crystal River frontage separate from the parks is conserved as open space, as is 70 acres behind the historic coke ovens. Coke Ovens Open Space is leased to an outfitter. The coke ovens themselves were acquired by Pitkin County but are not currently held as an Open Space and Trails asset.
Nearest town: Redstone

Redstone Parks and Open Space Management Plan (2010)